Frequently Asked Questions

What are your delivery fees and where do you deliver?

There is an $85.00 round trip drop off/pick up fee within a 15 mile radius of Coastal Cruising Carts Warehouse including for golf cart rentals in Mount Pleasant, IOP, Sullivans Island, Daniel Island and Park Circle.

Seabrook, downtown Charleston and other locations and event rentals - please call to confirm delivery fee.

All deliveries and pick-ups occur during business hours only: M-F, 9-5pm. Saturday, 10-2pm. Sunday, closed, no deliveries.

Rental vehicles may NOT be picked-up from our showroom.

*While we attempt to remain competitive and up-to-date, fees may change without notice when resource costs rise.

What’s the minimum age to rent and drive an LSV golf cart?

LSV golf cart renters must be 25 years old with a valid driver’s license, credit card and sign our rental liability waiver. A Renter may sign a rental liability waiver as the responsible guardian for a valid licensed driver 21-24 years. We will not deliver a rental vehicle without a liability waiver on file. A link to your waiver is embedded in the emailed receipt from

How do I rent an LSV golf cart from Coastal Cruising Carts?

Click here to rent now!

*If you do not see your delivery destination option at checkout please call to confirm a reservation, 843-940-4386.

Renters must be at least 25 years of age with a valid driver’s license, credit card and insurance.

For more detailed information and instructions while renting, click here.

Where are you located?

Our Charleston golf cart rental office and dealership is located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

The physical address is:

493A LaMesa Road
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

LSV (Low Speed Vehicles) FAQs

What is an LSV?

A LSV, or Low Speed Vehicle, is defined as a motorized vehicle with 4 wheels, weighing less than 3,000 lbs and obtaining top speeds with 1 minute of no less than 20mph, no more than 25mph on a paved level surface. They are legal in nearly all 50 states to drive on roads where speed limits do not exceed 35 mph. Refer to Charleston’s golf cart and LSV regulations and laws around your area if you choose to rent or purchase one. Some privatized neighborhoods ban golf carts from their roadways allowing only LSV’s.

What is the difference between a LSV and a golf cart?

The big differences between golf carts and LSVs come down to legalities. While golf carts can be made street legal with our “neighborhood package”, which includes seatbelts, lights and turn kits, speeds up to 18 – 20 mph, and DMV registration, they are legal on roads 25 mph and under during daylight hours only.

LSVs are DOT rated because of their windshield and wipers, seat belts, lights and turn signal kits, and DMV registration. They can be driven 24 hrs (so, even after dark!) on roads 35 mph and under.

In our hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, low speed vehicles are legal in Downtown Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island, and many of the surrounding areas. If you’re not sure which is best for you, talk with one of our golf cart experts.

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What LSV lines do you offer?

We currently stock various models and colors of EVOLUTION Electric Vehicles at all times.

As a local motor dealership we conduct a self appointed, multi-point quality control of every vehicle before delivery to new owners.

We typically deliver your new vehicle with in 48 hours of purchase. – dependent upon upgrade options.

We offer complimentary local delivery with every vehicle purchase.

See models and images.

What Cart Upgrades do You offer?

For Current EVOLUTION models we offer:
-Vinyl Seat Cover options
-Tires and Rim Sets
-Speed Programming

Do you repair and maintenance LSVs and golf carts?

We offer maintenance and repair only to the specific vehicles we sell and deliver. Please call for specific issues.

Coastal Cruising Carts LLC is a Battery Supplier of Trojan and Crown lead acid batteries with core recycling credit given.

Cart Care FAQs

Do I need to leave my LSV plugged in overnight?

All of our LSVs come standard with a Lithium Phosphate Battery pack. Keeping your battery fully charged extends its life. Dipping below 20% remaining charge lessens the battery life expectancy.

Why won’t my LSV or golf cart start?

Don’t panic! While lead acid batteries require routine maintenance just like your car, Lithium batteries do not.

First, you should know: golf carts have a RUN/TOW switch located in the battery cage. LSVs have a neutral gear. NEVER push your cart while it is in gear. This will cause costly damage to the motor.

For lead acid batteries: Check that the batteries are fully charged and terminals are cleaned. Check to see if the water level is low, add distilled water until the plates inside the battery are completely covered. Other issues concerning the battery may be off-kilter wiring and corrosion and melted wires. If there is a leak, you will have to replace the battery.

If you purchased your cart from us please feel free to give us a call to trouble shoot and get you back to cruising.

How often do I need to replace my LSV tires?

Just like your car, golf cart wheels and tires require maintenance and replacement, too. Brand new golf cart wheels typically last 2-3 years.

Purchasing the proper ply and tread helps increase the health of your tires. You should select them specific to your driving terrain.

Just like your car, frequently rotate golf cart or LSV tires to balance the uneven weight distribution that occurs between the front and rear tires.

Can you get LSVs and golf carts wet?

Rainwater is fine, but saltwater is very damaging to all carts. To prevent corrosion, avoid driving through deep water or puddles near coastal places that may contain saltwater. If you must drive through saltwater, rinse off your cart with freshwater. Make sure the batteries are properly housed with in the cart.

Always keep water away from major electrical components such as the motor, battery and controller.

How long do Lithium and lead acid batteries last?

Many factors influence the life-span of lead acid batteries. On average lead acid batteries typically last 1000 charge cycles, depending on how often the cart is used and maintained, and carry a 12 month limited warranty. Charging time averages 13 hours for a completely charged set. A typical 10-15 mile variable drive time decreases as the battery set ages.

We recommend Lithium. Our 2021 and newer Evolution LSVs arrive standard with Lithium Battery packs. With optimize battery life and a five year warranty, they’re better than market standard. Studies show Lithium achieves up to 6000 charge cycles with no maintenance and achieve a full charge time of 5-6 hours. Drive range depends on speed and terrain with averages from 25-50 miles.

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